Specializing In Dog And Cat Products And Services For The Passionate Pet Owner
Specializing In Dog And Cat Products And Services For The Passionate Pet Owner

Tips for Training Pets: Understanding Your Cat’s Meow

While it may be impossible to “herd” cats, as the saying goes,  there are good reasons to try to understand and manage the social interactions of your cats and kittens.  

Dog owners are compelled to prepare their canine companions for social interactions because they take them everywhere – in the neighborhoods and parks, to friend’s houses, or outdoor public events. So through the time spent dog walking the owner becomes pretty good at recognizing even the most subtle stress signals and knowing when to intervene.

“Cat Talk” and Human Communication

Unfortunately most of us aren’t as fluent in the language of cat communication. Maybe this is because we don’t take our cats and kittens on many social outings in the neighborhood.  At home our cats and kittens seem quite self reliant. They usually run and hide when guests arrive, entertain themselves, and don’t need to be walked.

Cats and kittens are experts at subtly and, at times not so subtly, communicating with each other. Anyone who has more than one cat or kitten has witnessed the effectiveness of these interchanges.  Unfortunately, as well meaning human companions to our cats and kittens, we often misread their “speech” and behaviors.

Do you want to better understand the feline in your life?  Is she having a hard time accepting another cat or dog in the household? Does she avoid everyone but you? Are you nervous when children want to touch your cat or kitten? Two upcoming blog posts will outline a “green light” to “red light” guide to understanding cat and kitten behavior. Watch for them!

Metro Mutts recommendations

In the meantime, here are some Local Resources:

Washington Humane Society  – Offers private sessions for cat behavioral issues both by phone and in person. They also hold a “Frazzled Feline” workshop series that help you to learn to identify and manage your kitty’s stress more effectively.

Spot On Training  – This is a Capitol Hill based training business that offers both group classes (on location at Metro Mutts stores) and in home private sessions. Owner Heather Morris has helped many clients to better manage the relationships between the dogs and cats in a family so people can achieve a more Zen inter-species household.

For additional help understanding the behavioral signals of  “cat talk” check out the rest of this series:

The Cat’s Meow:  The Signs of a Happy Cat

The Cat’s Meow: Signals of Stress


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